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About Oz Cahlon

Storage Services, Storing of Equipment, House Contents

Whoever enters the About Us page is usually interested in ‘feeling the pulse’ and learning in depth as much as possible about the company that offers them Storage Services in order to decide whether to contact it or to skip forward. Therefore, please find hereunder everything you wanted to know about us:

We have already been ‘checked out’ from every possible angle  – We, of course, offer Storage Services to every client – big and small, private and business – with the same level of professionalism, quality of service, and reliability. And yet, our big clients include commercial companies and business entities that do not chose an operating contractor or service supplier without placing it under scrutiny. And when they chose us, moreover, when the business relationship is loyally maintained over a large number of years, this bears testimony to:

Sense of security and high professionalism
Reliability that is maintained over time
High quality of service
The economic profitability of working with us
Among the clients that have been working with us for years but check us again every day you will find Bezeq, Teva, Golf Fashion, construction companies such as Tidhar, Shviro, Nechushtan Schindler, Electra, local and municipal authorities such as Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Kfar Saba, Petach Tikvah, Raanana, Tel-Aviv – Yafo… and this is only a partial list.

But we couldn’t possible summarize the About Us chapter without providing some important information:

 40 years’ experience 

Yes – Oz Cahlon Storage Services has been in operation for 40 years now.

 200 dunam (200,000 m2) storage space

We operate a gigantic storage compound that is secured, fenced, well-kept, illuminated, and has 24/7 video surveillance, for the purpose of renting out Storage Containers and spaces. The compound is located in the Petach Tikvah area, close to important traffic arteries, and it stretches over 50 dunams.

 1000 containers  

Yes, that is the number of containers we use for Equipment Storage in our storage compound, storage of merchandise, Container Rental, Container Sale, etc. The containers come in all sizes and in a range of storage volumes and spaces, so that we can offer each client exactly what they need.

 Secured Hangars

In addition to hundreds of containers, we also hold large hangars for the storage of merchandise that include automatic fire-fighting systems, forklift-aided conveyance, protection against intruders including 24/7 surveillance cameras and manned security, and the jewel in the crown – a computerized stock management system.

 Comprehensive Services

Transportation services, Crane Services, which are an inherent part of Storage Services in containers, especially when dealing in Container Rental or Purchase at the client’s “house”. Yes, we save our customers a lot of trouble, running about, and the search for worthy service providers in these fields, and offer one single address for everything.

For further information about our range of Storage Services,
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