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Container for Rents | Containers for Sale

Container for Rents or Sale… Whatever works for you !

 Do you need a container for Equipment Storage on a building site?

 Do you have the land but do not wish to build a storeroom?

 Do you need a place to store merchandise near your place of business?

 Do you execute projects in different locations every few months?

You have reached the right place. Containers for rent, containers for sale – whenever and however is convenient to you. We supply containers for Equipment Storage and merchandise or house contents storage, in all sizes and anywhere in Israel, including transportation and crane services to position the container on the site. Cahlon S.E.A. Storage Ltd. is the largest Storage Services company. Here are some of the advantages of renting or purchasing containers from us:

 There’s No Price Like Ours 

The lowest House Contents Storage fees you can find: the cost of renting a 20’ container (approximate volume of 33 m3) for a month is only NIS 800 + VAT.

 A Range of Storage Solutions 

Regarding either container rental or container sale, we can offer you all possible Storage Solutions. Hundreds of container in all sizes and for all purposes.

 Full Service 

And the meaning of this is no more running about, no more searches, quotations, and arguments with a few service providers – here you will find everything in one single place, including transportation and loading and unloading services, Crane Services to position the container, and more.

 Nothing Beats Experience

Cahlon S.E.A. Storage Ltd. has been offering a range of Storage Services to private individuals and corporations for over 40 years. We place all our accumulated experience at your service for the selection of the suitable container, storage methods, safe and cheap container conveyance, and the positioning of the container in place in the fastest and most responsible manner.

For further information about possibilities regarding containers for rent or sale, and to coordinate a
visit and tour of our container compound, call now:
And there are another three excellent reasons:
A container is not a product that you buy, load onto a truck, and go. A container for rent or for sale, whatever the purchasing method, involves its precise adaptation to the need, complex transportation, placement in position in an exact and secure way… in short, it is a matter only for professionals and experienced persons. Therefore, it is important to mention the following facts:

 We have already been checked out from all possible angle 

Our list of clients includes companies and entities that cannot chose an operating contractor or service supplier without placing it under scrutiny. And when they chose us this testifies to their sense of security with us, the trust we have acquired, and our reliability. Our clients include Bezeq, Teva, Golf Fashion, construction companies such as Tidhar, Shviro, Nechushtan Schindler, Electra, local and municipal authorities such as Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Kfar Saba, Petach Tikvah, Raanana, Tel-Aviv – Yafo… and this is only a partial list.

 40 years’ experience at your service 

Experience is not an off-the-shelf product. It is acquired through many years of hard work. It teaches us how to fit you with the exact response to your need in the most proper, effective, cost-effective, and economical manner. Yes, we paid plenty to accumulate this experience and we offer it to you free of charge and with gusto.

 And you always have one place for e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g

Given that we specialize in all Storage Services, we can offer you not only containers for rent or for sale but also ancillary services such as Merchandise Conveyance, transportation of containers or Mobile Structures, Crane Services with container- and structure-lifting capabilities – all of this with the highest degree of professionalism and teams of experienced and responsible workers.

Containers for Rent? Containers for Sale?