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Equipment Storage

The Perfect Solution If You Don’t Have a Storeroom

Space. It is the second most expensive product after time. Especially if your occupation requires storing equipment, merchandise, work tools, raw materials, and even surfaces loaded with goods for storage. Instead of renting a warehouse and paying a lot of money, of “enslaving” a room or balcony that were intended for household use, or worse, instead of turning your car into a warehouse and to risk burglary (without insurance), the simplest, most convenient, and cheapest thing to do is to rent a container or storage space from us – Oz Cahlon, the largest company for Storage Services in the central region. Here are some of the advantages of Equipment Storage on Containers:.

 Not Expensive and Recognized

The cost of Container Rental of a 20’ container (approximate volume of 33 m3) for a month is only NIS 800 + VAT, and this expenditure is of course recognized for tax purposes. Is it not worth it?

 Well-Kept and Safe

Our storage area is fenced, illuminated, has surveillance cameras, is well-kept, protected from theft and fire, and also… regularly fumigated.

 Easy and Convenient

Why don’t you carry only the tools and equipment you need? All the rest – to the storeroom. There is plenty of space, it’s easier, more convenient, accessible at any time… Stands to reason, don’t you think?

 Nearby and Accessible

Our Container compound is located in Petach Tikvah, close to main traffic arteries leading everywhere between Gedera and Hedera.

For further information about our range of storage services, equipment storage,
and to coordinate a visit and tour of the compound, call now+972-(0)72-3387333


For whom are the equipment Storage Services suitable?
For whom are they not suitable? Renovators, air-conditioner installation and repair persons, gardeners, plumbers, electrical contractors, people dealing in trade, big companies in need of large storage volumes and areas (for you it is especially worthwhile to read the Container Rental and Sale page), and all those engaged in a liberal profession who do not have a storehouse but do have equipment, raw materials, work tools, etc.

In addition, the storage compound is enormous and is designed also to store pallets – it is especially suitable for whoever needs to store merchandise or stock on pallets. The service includes storing pallets, unloading a container with pallets, manually unloading a container, collecting cardboard boxes and attaching stickers.

Why us, precisely?
Here are five convincing arguments: price, location, seniority, experience, a Range of Storage Services.
Let us begin with the fact that we hold the largest storage compound stretching over 200 dunam (200,000 m2), so that there will allways be a space of any size, area, or volume for you.
Our 40 years of accumulated seniority and experience are joined by a factor not less significant, i. e., costs. Yes, because we are the biggest we can offer you the cheapest and most cost-effective prices. Price is especially important when dealing in equipment storage for contractors and professionals who need a low-cost storeroom.
Morever, the issue is not just a storeroom (like you could rent in a moshav, for instance) but also all the ancillary services such as a fenced compound under supervision and protection, with 24/7 camera surveillance and pest control.

For further information about our range of storage services, equipment storage,
and to coordinate a visit and tour of the compound, call now+972-(0)72-3387333