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House Contents Storage

House Contents Storage

House Contents Storage – As Much Space as You Require, For as Much Time as You Need

 Moving? Renovating? Do you need a place to store the contents of your house?

 Are you going abroad for a long time and wish to protect your possessions?

 Did you inherit the contents of a house and have not place to store them?

 There’s No Price Like Ours

The lowest house contents storage fees you can find: the cost of renting a 20’ container (approximate volume of 33 m3) for a month is only NIS 800 + VAT.

 The Contents are Well-Kept and Safe

Our storage area is fenced, illuminated, has surveillance cameras, is well-kept, protected from theft and fire, and is regularly fumigated.

 As Much Space and Time as Needed

We have at our disposal hundreds of Storage Containers in various sizes and volumes. And so we can offer you any storage volume and area, and for any period of time: one month, two months, half a year… As much time and space as you require.

 You are in Good Hands

Cahlon S.E.A. Storage Ltd. has been offering a range of Storage Services to private individuals and corporations for over 40 years. We place all our accumulated experience at your service for the selection of the suitable container, storage methods, and for you to receive full value for your money.
For further information about house contents storage possibilities,
and to coordinate a visit and tour of our container compound, call now +972-(0)72-3387333

For whom are the house contents Storage Services suitable?
Obviously, for flat and house owners. The storage of house contents with us is an excellent, convenient, safe and of course, cheap solution in all those cases where you are lacking space:

 Home Renovations

It may be because you are starting home renovations and wish to empty the house from its contents in order to keep them in a proper and fit condition.

 Moving House

It may be for the period between the sale of your property and the date of entry into the new home, and in the meantime you have to store your house contents.

 Travel Abroad

Whether you are sent to a mission abroad, taking a long trip, or travelling around the world… whatever the reason, if you want to keep your house contents in a proper and fit condition – we are the right place.

 Inherited House Contents

You have inherited a house or property. The contents are dear to you both emotionally and by virtue of their real value. But… how will you store it all? Our Storage Services are the ideal solution.

And there is also the office-owner crowd.

Not all the contents that do not have a place in the office anymore should reach the repository. Often files, equipment, furniture and even documents accumulate and take up a lot of space, disturb the normal conduct of the office and also its everyday activities. Why don’t you make it easy on yourselves? Store the contents with us until you decide what to do with them. At the end of the day you will discover that it is the cheapest way to increase the efficiency of and improve your workflow.

Why us, precisely?
Because we have at our disposal the largest storage compound that stretches over 200 dunam (200,000 m2) and includes hundreds of Storage Containers in all sizes. In this way, there will always be space for you in any size, area, or volume that you require. Our 40 years of accumulated seniority and experience are joined by a factor not less significant, i. e., costs. Yes, because we are the biggest we can offer you the cheapest prices. And you should always remember that it is not just a storeroom (like you could rent in a moshav, for instance), but a full house contents storage service that includes a fenced compound under supervision and protection, with 24/7 camera surveillance and pest control.
For additional information about house contents storage possibilities,
and to coordinate a visit and tour of our container compound, call now +972-(0)72-3387333