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Mobile Structures For Sale | Mobile Structures For Rent

Mobile Structures For Sale and For Rent

All sizes, all purposes, everywhere in the country and… at half the price.

Let’s begin with half the price. Every time that such a promise is offered to you, the question immediately arises: how is it possible? Surely there is a fine prin. And yet, no fine print and no asterisks. Here it is again, clear and transparent: mobile structures for sale (it can also be mobile structures for rent), including air conditioner at half the price. How? In most cases, mobile structures are designed for a limited time. So why pay double if you can get the same structure second-hand in superb condition and for half the price?

 Do you need a sales office for a construction project?

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 Do you carry out projects in different sites every few months

and need a structure that can “go” with you?

 Mobile storerooms instead of stationary storerooms that also require

long and expensive bureaucratic processes.

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The variety advantage
What do you need? A small guard booth? A large (up to 200 m2) storage structure? A luxury structure to host clients in it? A structure designed as a sales office? A garden shed? With windows? Without windows? We have everything for every purpose and requirement. As they say: everybody finds what they are looking for.

One thing is common to all mobile structures, whether they are for rent or for sale – all of them are in superb condition and all of them are air conditioned. You will not feel that it is a second-hand structure. So why pay double for a new structure?

The price advantage
The whole idea of a mobile structure is freedom from the need to build a permanent structure. And to make it easier on you, there are two reference tracks – for sale or for rent. For example, a contractor company that executes construction or road building projects requires mobile structures for long periods of time and also the capacity to move the from site to site. Here, the “Mobile Structures for Sale” or “Mobile Offices for Rent” tracks are certainly more suitable. On the other hand, companies that require an exhibition booth or a sales office for a one-time project will surely find the “Mobile Structures for Rent” track more cost-effective.

By the way, when the issue is a garden shed, for instance, there is an additional and important advantage that is especially cost-effective. Positioning the mobile structure in place does not require the long, exhausting, and expensive process of issueing plans, permits, and other bureaucratic traps. The licensing process here is much shorter, economical, and quicker.

The comprehensive service advantage

Again, you save twice. In addition to mobile structures for sale (or for rent), we offer you also Professional Crane and Transportation Services. No headaches, no need to coordinate with a number of service providers, we will do everything for you, including transporting and positioning the structure in its exact place. We said double savings and we mean every word – transportation through us will cost you less than anywhere else.
The Oz Cahlon Mobile Structures for Sale or Rent Group
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