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Storage Services

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Cahlon S.E.A. Storage Ltd. Storage Services is the largest and leading storage-services company. We have everything you can think of: containers in all sizes and volumes, for rent or for sale, and placement at your site;


About Cahlon S.E.A. Storage Ltd.

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Main Office

57, Gisin St
P.O.B. 10009
Petach Tikvah 4922257

Tel: +972-(0)72-3387333

Fax: +972-(0)9-7661674

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Branch Kokhav Ya'ir, Tira

Tel:  +972(0)723387288

Branch HaUman 2 St, Ashdod

Tel: +972(0)723387333

Branch New Industrial Zone, Kefar Sava

Tel: +972(0)723387333

Why Choose Us?

The Largest Storage Space - 200 dunam (200,000 m2) of containers and hangars for storing equipment, merchandise, raw materials, house contents… and more

The Largest Quantity of Containers - A “fleet” of 1000 containers in all sizes, storage volumes, dimensions, for any purpose and use.

The Largest Range of Services – In addition to storage service, we offer also transportation and Crane Services, a computerized stock management system, forklift transportation, rental or sale of containers to be placed in the “customer’s site”.

And another big advantage, the price - We offer the lowest level of prices so that working with us will be even more cost-effective and worth your while.
Yes, no company becomes the biggest and a leader in its field just like that on a clear day. You have to accumulate experience, to expand your financial foundation and your product range, to become more professional, to specialize, to innovate and to renew yourself, and also… to know how to provide quality service and to share your experience with your clients so as to save them money and to give them the best. And this is exactly what we do! Day by day, for over forty years now. We will be happy to be also at your service. Anytime.